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Welcome to Viola Metal Works, where we specialize in handcrafted metal art pieces that are created with meticulous attention to detail and unmatched craftsmanship.
Gary Bueske, the visionary behind Viola Metal Works, has long nurtured a passion for plasma cutting and Hydro Dipping. In the fall of 2018, he turned his passion into a reality and dedicated countless hours in his shop to prepare for the creation of a loyal clientele. Gary's excitement grows as he witnesses the progress he has made, eagerly anticipating the day when he can devote himself to this art form full-time upon retirement.

With full production now underway, Viola Metal Works is proud to fulfill several orders weekly. Each item we create is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that it receives the utmost care and attention. Our commitment to quality shines through in every piece we produce.

Utilizing the technique of plasma cutting, we are able to work with a variety of electrically conductive materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. This versatile process allows us to create precise and intricate cuts, making it a valuable tool for a range of applications, from fabrication shops to automotive repair and restoration, industrial construction, and salvage and scrapping operations.

Our focus is on providing custom metal art pieces that are tailored to your unique vision and style. From personalized signs and monograms to stunning sculptures and decorative elements, we bring your ideas to life with unmatched craftsmanship and artistry.

We invite you to embark on a creative journey with us and experience the beauty and quality of our custom metal art pieces. Contact us today at (507) 951-4262 to discuss your project and let Viola Metal Works transform your vision into a stunning reality.

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