Gary Bueske

Gary Bueske, the passionate owner of Viola Metal Works, has harbored a deep interest in plasma cutting and Hydro Dipping for numerous years. After patiently nurturing his dream, he transformed it into reality in the autumn of 2018. Devoting countless hours in his workshop, Gary diligently prepared every aspect to embark on a journey of creating a loyal clientele. As progress surged, fueled by unwavering dedication, Gary's excitement reached new heights, propelling him towards envisioning Viola Metal Works as his full-time endeavor... upon retirement.

Now, Viola Metal Works stands as a flourishing enterprise in full production, skillfully fulfilling several orders each week. Gary's commitment to his craft knows no bounds, exemplifying itself in the impeccable artistry of each creation. This dedication even led him to showcase his craftsmanship on a parade float, making a memorable appearance at the Viola Gopher Count on June 20th, 2019. The sheer joy and anticipation of what the future holds resonate deeply within Gary's heart, fueling his excitement for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Gary's lifelong passion and unwavering determination converge, resulting in remarkable metal art pieces that capture the imagination. With each passing day, Gary's vision becomes more vivid and his creations elevate the world of metalworking to new heights. Embrace the journey alongside Gary as Viola Metal Works becomes a beacon of inspiration and artistic excellence.

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