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Rocket Stove

This hand made fabricated 4" steel tubing rocket stove is great for camping trips and for outdoor cooking. This 4" rocket stove stands approximately 26" tall. The base is collapsible for easy transport or storage. Other features include a fuel door, damper to control the air intake, and a removable ash pan. The basic rocket stove comes with the standard cook top to put pans or coffee pot on for $265. *Optional* 12" grill top for $105. Using a stove like this is easier. It allows you to bring it anywhere you would like to and not have a worry of causing any safety hazardous for the people around you. The most important thing about this rocket stove is that the efficiency comes from the enclosed fire creating ''gasification'' which causes a more complete burn. Another great thing about this rocket stove is that you do not need to rely on charcoal or propane. You can use any of the following nearby small dry twigs/sticks, kindling, small scrap lumber, etc.


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